The importance of recruiting personnel


The importance of recruiting personnel

The importance of recruiting personnel
The foundation of a business is always a strong team of qualified and professional personnel. Therefore, recruitment is a prerequisite to be able to build a good foundation for businesses.
What is recruitment?
Recruitment is the process of finding and choosing the right people, to satisfy the requirements of the position being opened with the company's long-term goals.
Recruitment is the investment for people
Good recruitment will give businesses a workforce appropriate to the job and the position to be recruited.

  • Helping to improve the efficiency of the work and reputation of the company by recruiting personnel is one of the activities that directly affect the quality of human resources of the enterprise.
  • Saving human resources training costs if selected high-quality candidates.
  • Avoid the situation of constantly recruiting new personnel, building a corporate culture when recruiting people who are truly passionate about the profession and tend to stick with the company for a long time.
  • According to human resources experts, each failed recruitment will cost the company 3-6 times the total annual income of the employee. Thus, successful recruitment of personnel will retain a significant cost for your business.

The issue of recruiting personnel is an extremely important task that enterprises should pay attention to. A reasonable strategic and investment hiring plan will give the company a good human resource, a solid foundation to develop from there to support the company's business strategies. to success.
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