Highlights of a talented candidate


Highlights of a talented candidate

There is a difference from other candidates
A candidate makes a difference from other candidates who often show a clear goal in their work. Because the goals that they set out will be the motivation for them to pursue and devote their best to their work. Having a positive attitude in teamwork and always getting high results after having a mission from the higher level.

A special candidate is also shown by always giving values, discovering as well as exploiting the meaning of work effectively to bring benefits to the company as well as bring achievements in the process of making job.

How to handle smart situations
You can absolutely challenge candidates by giving situations. If they are a talented person, they will always be calm, stand their ground, and also give clever questions to solve the employer's situation quickly and not lack assertive part.
Talented candidates are often very confident about what they say, through the way they talk, communicate with you.

Has the capacity, expertise and smart thinking
Professional knowledge you can test through asking relevant questions in the learning process as well as their previous work experience. From these questions, employers can really see if they have deep expertise in this field. If the unqualified person only answers in the most superficial way.

Thinking ability is also a way to make employers find out whether this candidate is intelligent thinking. Just by asking questions that are thoughtful, candidates with quick thinking will clearly show through quick information processing, correct answers and winning answers.


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