How to identify the candidate lying


How to identify the candidate lying

Read and study CV
Although you are always busy with your work, you should also take a moment to look over the applicant's CV. Although there are many CVs, you should know how to read only the main content as well as the focus of those CVs to help you identify part of the candidate.

If the CV says the content is too general, using less specialized languages, in many cases the information they mention is not true.

Interview in the form of case and behavioral questions
Interview questioning skills are the secret to identifying whether the candidate is lying or not. For behavioral questions, let the candidate give you the situations they have experienced to show their abilities as well as their experiences. If the candidate answers in more detail and meticulously, it will be more reliable than the story through the speaker.
You also need to pay attention to how logical the story is. You can ask questions that you have asked before, if the answer is more reliable than the one that is different. If their later answers deviate from what they originally gave, it is likely to confirm that this candidate is dishonest.

There are many candidates who talk about incredible stories that are unbelievable. And so perfect is that you should also be suspicious, you should ask them to give concrete evidence to prove what they have said to be convincing.

Communication skill
Many employers recognize their candidates are lying only through body language and voice. The body is not confident, anxious and has actions such as scratching the head, scratching the ear, looking at the ground, rubbing its hands on the thighs ... And the voice is somewhat more urgent, the voice is low or high.


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